Facade systems, hardware, tools, machine tools and bearings

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Our main task is to provide your needs in the shortest possible time: bearings, cutting and measuring tools, all types of hardware (screws, anchors, rivets, dowels), rigging products, construction materials, in particular components for ventilated facades, machines and equipment.

Russian-Metal company provides wholesale supplies of construction materials for roofing, installation of metal structures, hinged ventilated facades, welding and monolithic construction, a wide range of hardware products (drills, rivets, bolts, rigging), equipment and tools for installation work in construction, production of metal structures and mechanical engineering. The company has its own production facilities for metal products (profiles, brackets, rivets) and plastic (gaskets and washers). Constant availability of the necessary products in the warehouse, production of metal parts according to the customer's drawings in the shortest possible time. In addition, the company cooperates with the world's largest suppliers and manufacturers of high-precision professional cutting and processing tools, including tools made of STM (superhard materials).

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