One-piece vertical drill 24.0 (No. 2) P6M5 tapered shank Z=3 KM3
We bring to your attention an excellent tool for preliminary and finishing machining of holes obtained by casting, stamping or drilling - conical or cylindrical holes. Large selection of solid core drills with Morse taper. Depending on the shape, they are designed to produce conical or cylindrical holes. We offer a single core drill D 24.0 (for finishing holes No. 2) tapered shank P6M5 Z=3 KM3

Cost 17.92 $/pcs

The price includes VAT 20%. Cashless form of payment.
To buy in bulk in Moscow a single core drill D 24.0 (for the final processing of holes No. 2) a conical shank P6M5 Z=3 KM3