One-piece countersink 48.0 (No. 1) tapered shank P18 Z=3 KM4
We bring to your attention an excellent tool for preliminary and finishing machining of holes obtained by casting, stamping or drilling - conical or cylindrical holes. Large selection of solid core drills with Morse taper. Depending on the shape, they are designed to produce conical or cylindrical holes. We offer an integral drill bit D 48.0 (for rough, preliminary processing of holes with a tolerance for further processing - No. 1) conic shank P18 Z=3 KM4 of the CNIC brand

Cost 209.46 $/pcs

The price includes VAT 20%. Cashless form of payment.
To buy in bulk in Moscow a one-piece vertical drill D 48.0 (No. 1) a tapered shank of P18 Z=3 KM4 of the CNIC brand